July 19, 2019 I know, I know. It’s been a long time since my last post.  It feels like forever since I’ve gone to shows like I used to. But, all this “time off” is VERY much justified.   On March 30th, I got a message from my friend, producer Rev. Tom Chandler of Last Ones Left – he informed me of a vacancy in a band I’d just seen a fortnight prior, at the Viper Room.  OLD BLOOD’s vocalist, Feathers, decided to end her time with the band in order to move on to other pursuits. I immediately sent a message to the band’s managerRead More →

Really?  Am I expected to believe that was twelve whole months that just passed??  Of course, events that transpired as recently as June already seem like part of ancient history.  But this year has been an eye-opening, ear-ringing, insanity-filled stinker that I can’t wait to leave on the south side of time.   Yes, just like every year, there were moments of shock and agony I wish had never happened.  People passed, anger loomed large, fear was mongered and voices were silenced. But new ideas were born, music was made, hearts were empowered and lessons were learned. So many beautiful moments were digested and processedRead More →

When I set up my calendar each month, I try to get as many shows in as possible.  And then, life starts changing the schedule… This month quickly became more about catching up on bills than catching a bunch of gigs, but at least that kept me home, practicing for shows with the band I recently joined, Run For Cover – LA (R4C)!!  I’m excited to be working with these wildly talented folks, bringing all the hits to some of my long-time favorite Westside haunts! Of course, all work and no rock makes this kitty go crazy, so I made sure to get in aRead More →

As September rolled in, life got even more busy.  Between new duties at work, new music to learn, a huge step in my nutrition business… it’s been a pretty intense month.  Thankfully, I got out to see a few great shows! The 7th found me back at The Viper Room, for KrashKarma and Yachtley Crew.  This combination of acts seems strange at first, but placing intense, hard driving, catchy hard rock next to the dulcet tones of Yachtley’s spot-on renditions of the soundtrack of my youth was a sonic treat that covered all the tuning my soul needed.   KrashKarma Horrible shot of Yachtley CrewRead More →

After the emotional weight of the previous week, I needed some levity.  Thankfully, my calendar was already loaded with relief.  The 29th found us in Hollywood, at The Palladium, witnessing Alice In Chains, live!!  Every note of every song vibrated through the room, bringing harmony – those tight, sharp AiC harmonies – to one of my favorite venues.      Over the holiday weekend, I took full advantage of the pleasant days off by hiking, writing, partying at the Rainbow Bar & Grill’s big Parking Lot Party, noshing and jamming with great friends. This weekend also helped me define more in my business life asRead More →

What a week.  Last Thursday morning, we were informed of Aretha Franklin’s passing.  While we’d been warned a few times prior, this still felt sudden and jarring, as news agencies pumped her legendary tunes over the airwaves, unearthing emotions and memories of years long passed.  I grooved my way through the morning, singing along, weeping along, enjoying the memories and melodies until I clicked on Le Facebook. The first post that appeared informed me that the tears had only just begun to fall. Jill Janus, vocalist and Muse-Extraordinaire, had left us.  The woman who has rocked so many stages, the talent who gives SO muchRead More →

April began with my Hunny and me in Joshua Tree, revisiting a 30-year camping tradition with about 30 of our longtime friends.  The Libra Full Moon kept me wide awake throughout both nights, singing with the owls.  After an extremely busy March, this trip was incredibly necessary and beneficial in helping me define my immediate goals. While I’d been making some strides in organizing my music life, my focus felt like it was split in too many different directions.  What am I writing?  Am I performing?  What am I avoiding?  I needed to get quiet and find clarity. After spending time in a large rock,Read More →

I guess this story begins early last year, when I first saw Within Sight, at The Viper Room. I was instantly drawn to their clever rhythms, delicious vocal interplay, sick harmonies and their triple-guitar attack.  I’d been anxiously awaiting their return to LA, as they tour with their wildly addictive album, From the Heart. I kept in touch with the guys, and when they were looking for bands to share their stage at The Silverlake Lounge, I offered my picks. On Christmas Eve, I found out that one of my recommended bands had made the cut! We Are Wasted, out of Santa Clarita rounded outRead More →

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, highlighted with some stellar shows! Last week, I hit The Viper Room for All Hail The Yeti, The Sleeping Sea King, Pvsher and The Mendenhall Experiment. That night left me with a mighty bangover that only relented TODAY, but it was the perfect start to a heavy new year.   Friday found me at Maui Sugar Mill Saloon for Love Weapon. They’re here the second Friday of every month and it’s ALWAYS a great show and a great crowd. The next night, I pried The Boyfriend off the couch and headed downtown for the 1st Annual PullRead More →