Aug. 16th Was another satisfying night at the Viper Room, for Metal Assault‘s Warchief, Motorbäbe, Ironaut and Crowned by Fire show. Four crazy-talented bands, all highlighting many of the elements that make metal great. Opening the night was the hearty depth of Warchief, featuring a whirlwind of seismic bass, super-shreddy six-string-stylings all expertly conducted by the authoritative drumscore.  The layers were many and varied, from the blood-pumping, throbbing rhythmic structure to the melodic treble lines, this mighty metal unit has marched squarely into my head!! Want more? Find that beat below! One of the things I’m loving right now is the number of women steppingRead More →

This was a different kind of #RockWeek, where I kept it pretty low key. The Boyfriend and I started a new health regime so I’m off the drink for a few weeks. A few extra nights at home were kinda needed to make the necessary adjustments! But, alas, I had to make it out to celebrate the beginning of vocalist, Dusty Bo’s 3rd decade! Aug 5th found me having one last beer at The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon and watching Love Weapon sling celebratory tunes from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, bringing the heat into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. We got to hear andRead More →

Last #RockWeek was light on nights out, but heavy on killer tunes. We had one more #MorphineMonday, with Nervous Rx, at Harvelle’s and at The Viper Room, Derek Day kicked off his US tour with a high-energy, set that felt channeled from beyond. Jeff Salter and the guys from Nervous Rx launched themselves into creating a sensuous night of tunes that swerved and curved all over the road.  There were giveaways, guest artists, the room was PACKED and the sultry time was all documented on video.  I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my Monday nights now, but will certainly be keeping an eyeRead More →