Not every #rockweek is simply sonic.  I rock in the kitchen daily (cooking AND singing!), I love to see a surfer rock a wave… while I sit safely on the sand… or a rock! But this weekend, before drinking in musical manifestations, I had to check out what Jonah Nimoy was doing in his downtime.  I first met Jonah a few years ago as the frontman for Legal Tender, a band I listen to almost daily.  After his time with them, he started another kickass project of his own, Furiosa… again, another essential part of my healthy musical diet.  He recently returned from touring withRead More →

In the past week, I’ve seen SIX tribute acts on the Viper stage. Watching the waves of spectators flow in and out of the legendary room, like the tides – Leatherboy gear to Sabbath T’s – Sixes to facepaint… the Tribute experience is an incredibly unique one. I generally hate categorizing art into pigeonholes, but I’ve certainly noticed some recurring characteristics in some cover or tribute acts… The Whole Megillah: This band is the one that eats, sleeps, breathes and, whenever possible, uses quotations from their assigned characters in everyday life.  Okay, maybe they don’t go that far, but they’ve taken the characters of theRead More →

Sept. 2, 2017 Saturday night at The Viper Room was a dizzying melange of nostalgia, hilarity, #Bangover inducing riffs and sweaty summer sizzle. Four sharply skilled acts, all with a common metallic thread – a great way to celebrate Labor Day!! Schwartzenator     Take every memorable “Ahhnold” role, give it a strong, resonant vocal, a tightly fitting wardrobe (literally AND figuratively) plus a well-crafted metal soundtrack, and you’ve got Schwartzenator! I’ve never been a huge action movie fan, but, of course SO many of the Governator’s key lines have become part of our collective lexicon, someone had to put them all together.  And whatRead More →