Wednesday was a special kind of day. Game Two of the World Series had Dodger fans on the edge of their seats, the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market held their annual Pumpkin Grab and Metal Assault brought an amazing show to The Viper Room, for Andrew Bansal’s Birthday!! I always dig the shows Andrew puts together. My favorite local acts, plus fun new discoveries – every time. This time was no different! I handled the merch tables so Andrew could enjoy the night – hence the distant photography 🙂 The night opened with the duo, Tzimani, from San Diego.  These guys brought the noise of aRead More →

I hope you were there!!! The good folks at Metal Assault always tell us to “arrive early and stay late”. Saturday night was why. I don’t get over to the east side that often, especially for the late gigs. But, when you pack so much original talent into one acoustically delicious room, I’ll get out the GPS and get across town.  I already knew I’d be in heaven seeing Alien Satan, Furiosa and Monte Pittman.  Again, SO much talent, SO much I already love! And then, Thunder Gut! This is why you’ve gotta show up early.  You may just find a new favorite!! This wasRead More →

Tuesday at the Viper Room lent another dark night… of the soul! Black, doom-packed metal, with screamy vocals and weighty melodies – all night long! The night began with Ancestral Awakening’s full-throated angst and racing rage, and a moodiness that set the stage for the rest of the metal strum und drang.    Ancestral Awakening    Witch Casket    Luna Occulta (Last-minute replacement act!!) I must admit, as much as I love the heavy, I’ve never been too devoted to this leg of the genre.  But, after hearing these four bands, with such masterful instrumentality, solidly orchestrated numbers and a helluva lotta power, I’m evenRead More →