This was a weekend of mixed emotion – we’d just lost Malcom Young and the music community was still in shock.  David Cassidy’s condition has been declining and I just found out Della Reese passed away as well. But, so did Charles Manson… My plans for the beginning of the week were dashed by my own poor planning and someone else’s head cold, but Saturday night was downright perfect, thanks to my slightly better planning and a stellar show at The Hi Hat!! Opening the night was Void Vator, one of my favorite bands in LA. You’ve seen me raving about them before, and this timeRead More →

You can take the girl outta the Northwest, but you’ll never take her out of her flannel. I’ve been in LA for nearly 20 years, but every autumn, my nostalgia for the auld sod looms large.  Perhaps it’s the lack of the drizzly-hood-inducing-wool-coat-wearing-dress-in-layers month, that my body expects November to be. My musical tastes switch back to what I dug back in high school, middle school – anything that *tuned* me into what I am now. I pour myself some Market Spice and pretend a sweater is a good idea. I should have picked up the caffeinated version of my favorite tea, because I dozedRead More →

I slipped back into Harvelle’s on Thursday night, to see The Groove: a trio, featuring Janna Brunner (Motorbäbe), Mark Sepulveda and Phil Salvail. The Groove is right! Massaging their bluesy, grinding originals in with similarly warm, groovy covers – they’re right in the pocket. Janna’s rich vocals cut through the room, from behind the drums. Mark’s intricate riffs and Phil’s structured bass and vocals all ring out… I’ve been listening to the EP, “Rise and Shine”, in the kitchen all weekend!! GET IT!!! Saturday night took me to The Burgundy Room in Hollywood for Furiosa‘s long awaited album release party, for “Look, Don’t Listen”. TheRead More →