On Dec. 3rd, Mercury went retrograde. AGAIN. This thrice-yearly event is simultaneously maligned, poo-pooh’d and the butt of many jokes.  I won’t try to convince any scoffers of the effects of this eyeroll-inducing transit, but I gotta say.  This one’s a doozy. When the planet of communication goes retro, things can break (one wine glass broken so far), transportation can be stymied (all four tires on my car, nearly flat, all at once?!), people or situations from your past can resurface (SO many of these) and simple statements can be hugely misunderstood (repeat when necessary!!). It’s also a GREAT time to review what you’ve learnedRead More →

Another sweet Metal Assault/Church of the 8th Day collaboration – along with The Elegy Ensemble – convinced me to head downtown to The 5 Star Bar! Four kickass bands, two of which are fronted by women; count me in!! The night began with Call of the Wild, fronted by Rachel Enyeart (also of Motorbäbe, Chica Diabla), bringing the power from moment one. She slayed us on bass, slammed us with the vocals and led with strength and command.  They really woke the room up and brought the crowd to attention.  Call of the Wild has been stirring it up for the last few months andRead More →