On Dec. 3rd, Mercury went retrograde. AGAIN. This thrice-yearly event is simultaneously maligned, poo-pooh’d and the butt of many jokes.  I won’t try to convince any scoffers of the effects of this eyeroll-inducing transit, but I gotta say.  This one’s a doozy. When the planet of communication goes retro, things can break (one wine glass broken so far), transportation can be stymied (all four tires on my car, nearly flat, all at once?!), people or situations from your past can resurface (SO many of these) and simple statements can be hugely misunderstood (repeat when necessary!!). It’s also a GREAT time to review what you’ve learnedRead More →

Another sweet Metal Assault/Church of the 8th Day collaboration – along with The Elegy Ensemble – convinced me to head downtown to The 5 Star Bar! Four kickass bands, two of which are fronted by women; count me in!! The night began with Call of the Wild, fronted by Rachel Enyeart (also of Motorbäbe, Chica Diabla), bringing the power from moment one. She slayed us on bass, slammed us with the vocals and led with strength and command.  They really woke the room up and brought the crowd to attention.  Call of the Wild has been stirring it up for the last few months andRead More →

This was a weekend of mixed emotion – we’d just lost Malcom Young and the music community was still in shock.  David Cassidy’s condition has been declining and I just found out Della Reese passed away as well. But, so did Charles Manson… My plans for the beginning of the week were dashed by my own poor planning and someone else’s head cold, but Saturday night was downright perfect, thanks to my slightly better planning and a stellar show at The Hi Hat!! Opening the night was Void Vator, one of my favorite bands in LA. You’ve seen me raving about them before, and this timeRead More →

You can take the girl outta the Northwest, but you’ll never take her out of her flannel. I’ve been in LA for nearly 20 years, but every autumn, my nostalgia for the auld sod looms large.  Perhaps it’s the lack of the drizzly-hood-inducing-wool-coat-wearing-dress-in-layers month, that my body expects November to be. My musical tastes switch back to what I dug back in high school, middle school – anything that *tuned* me into what I am now. I pour myself some Market Spice and pretend a sweater is a good idea. I should have picked up the caffeinated version of my favorite tea, because I dozedRead More →

I slipped back into Harvelle’s on Thursday night, to see The Groove: a trio, featuring Janna Brunner (Motorbäbe), Mark Sepulveda and Phil Salvail. The Groove is right! Massaging their bluesy, grinding originals in with similarly warm, groovy covers – they’re right in the pocket. Janna’s rich vocals cut through the room, from behind the drums. Mark’s intricate riffs and Phil’s structured bass and vocals all ring out… I’ve been listening to the EP, “Rise and Shine”, in the kitchen all weekend!! GET IT!!! Saturday night took me to The Burgundy Room in Hollywood for Furiosa‘s long awaited album release party, for “Look, Don’t Listen”. TheRead More →

Wednesday was a special kind of day. Game Two of the World Series had Dodger fans on the edge of their seats, the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market held their annual Pumpkin Grab and Metal Assault brought an amazing show to The Viper Room, for Andrew Bansal’s Birthday!! I always dig the shows Andrew puts together. My favorite local acts, plus fun new discoveries – every time. This time was no different! I handled the merch tables so Andrew could enjoy the night – hence the distant photography 🙂 The night opened with the duo, Tzimani, from San Diego.  These guys brought the noise of aRead More →

I hope you were there!!! The good folks at Metal Assault always tell us to “arrive early and stay late”. Saturday night was why. I don’t get over to the east side that often, especially for the late gigs. But, when you pack so much original talent into one acoustically delicious room, I’ll get out the GPS and get across town.  I already knew I’d be in heaven seeing Alien Satan, Furiosa and Monte Pittman.  Again, SO much talent, SO much I already love! And then, Thunder Gut! This is why you’ve gotta show up early.  You may just find a new favorite!! This wasRead More →

Tuesday at the Viper Room lent another dark night… of the soul! Black, doom-packed metal, with screamy vocals and weighty melodies – all night long! The night began with Ancestral Awakening’s full-throated angst and racing rage, and a moodiness that set the stage for the rest of the metal strum und drang.    Ancestral Awakening    Witch Casket    Luna Occulta (Last-minute replacement act!!) I must admit, as much as I love the heavy, I’ve never been too devoted to this leg of the genre.  But, after hearing these four bands, with such masterful instrumentality, solidly orchestrated numbers and a helluva lotta power, I’m evenRead More →

Not every #rockweek is simply sonic.  I rock in the kitchen daily (cooking AND singing!), I love to see a surfer rock a wave… while I sit safely on the sand… or a rock! But this weekend, before drinking in musical manifestations, I had to check out what Jonah Nimoy was doing in his downtime.  I first met Jonah a few years ago as the frontman for Legal Tender, a band I listen to almost daily.  After his time with them, he started another kickass project of his own, Furiosa… again, another essential part of my healthy musical diet.  He recently returned from touring withRead More →

In the past week, I’ve seen SIX tribute acts on the Viper stage. Watching the waves of spectators flow in and out of the legendary room, like the tides – Leatherboy gear to Sabbath T’s – Sixes to facepaint… the Tribute experience is an incredibly unique one. I generally hate categorizing art into pigeonholes, but I’ve certainly noticed some recurring characteristics in some cover or tribute acts… The Whole Megillah: This band is the one that eats, sleeps, breathes and, whenever possible, uses quotations from their assigned characters in everyday life.  Okay, maybe they don’t go that far, but they’ve taken the characters of theRead More →