Oh, Mercury…

On Dec. 3rd, Mercury went retrograde. AGAIN.

This thrice-yearly event is simultaneously maligned, poo-pooh’d and the butt of many jokes.  I won’t try to convince any scoffers of the effects of this eyeroll-inducing transit, but I gotta say.  This one’s a doozy.

When the planet of communication goes retro, things can break (one wine glass broken so far), transportation can be stymied (all four tires on my car, nearly flat, all at once?!), people or situations from your past can resurface (SO many of these) and simple statements can be hugely misunderstood (repeat when necessary!!). It’s also a GREAT time to review what you’ve learned recently (think back from Jan. 2016 to now).

I’d planned to see THREE shows last week, and made it to ZERO! I’d forgotten what a full day of physical work did to my energy or what an hour commute across town could do to my car. These REtrogrades are great for slowing down, RE-organizing, RE-thinking and RE-working.  This one, happening during the same time as Jupiter in Scorpio means much of the RE-organization of societal structures, RE-cognition of our patterns and digging deep to discover the answers.

Right now, I’m digging deep to figure out what the next step is in this project.  What’s missing?  Am I clear on WHY I’m doing this? What do I really want to do here?

Saturn (the Taskmaster) is about to go into Capricorn.  This is all about doing the WORK. Building the REality.

There are gonna be some changes around here, and they’re gonna ROCK.

So, enjoy the ride, pay rapt attention and back up your computers! Mercury will station to go direct on the 22nd!

…it can’t come soon enough!



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