Sept. 2, 2017

Saturday night at The Viper Room was a dizzying melange of nostalgia, hilarity, #Bangover inducing riffs and sweaty summer sizzle. Four sharply skilled acts, all with a common metallic thread – a great way to celebrate Labor Day!!



Take every memorable “Ahhnold” role, give it a strong, resonant vocal, a tightly fitting wardrobe (literally AND figuratively) plus a well-crafted metal soundtrack, and you’ve got Schwartzenator! I’ve never been a huge action movie fan, but, of course SO many of the Governator’s key lines have become part of our collective lexicon, someone had to put them all together.  And what better way than with a metal edge?  That’s exactly what we had here. Musically, they’re clearly a well-rehearsed, tight unit. The rhythm section takes the lead, establishing mood, pace and heft while wildly skilled guitar riffs and advanced vocal stylings make their dedication to craft clear… and then there were the screens!!

Again, not being very well versed in our ex governors imdb profile, simply hearing these songs for the first time, I was just digging the music paired with the spectacle… for the most part.  Having the lyrics projected on screens around the bar gave me even more to enjoy, and has now given me a new section for my Netflix list!!  Now, I have their CD and can watch those classic movies with a soundtrack that RAWKS!!


What do we think of when we think of ABBA… besides Sweden, bellbottoms and glittery eyeshadow…? The razor-sharp harmonies, brisk rhythms and gorgeously orchestrated melodies we love from the original has been given a sweet metal treatment by this 7-piece tribute act.

And honestly, those sharply orchestrated elements are the things I really love about ABBA.  Coming from a classical background, I’ve always marveled on how closely metal echoes the classical ethos and these songs take this synchronicity one step further.  I truly appreciate how well MetalABBA brought the heavy and chose songs that really highlight this musical connectivity!!

Void Vator

Every time I see these guys, it gets better.  Richer, deeper- they’re a solid unit creating a feast for lovers of rock to get all their essential beats and shreds.  It’s no secret that I’m already a fan – but seeing them in a very different kind of lineup, with an intensely varied crowd – AND getting such a great reaction from the room… again. Catch these guys now, buy the album, you’ll be glad you did!!


This night, German Moura’s empowered drum line (and infectious grin) kept the room lifted, moving and thrashing with Sam Harman’s hearty thunderbeast on bass. Erik Kluiber’s steely presence on guitar is definitive, weighty and intensely voiced – whether he’s singing out a slide solo or weaving a tapestry of harmonic interplay with Lucas Kanopa’s wildly cavorting riffs or seething vocal melodies.



As the night wore on, the room continued to fill with die hard fans of the one and only Miz Mo. My aging phone had fallen behind all the demands I’d placed on it.  I was only able to get one unfocused picture and a very brief video 🙁 I used the last of my phone’s memory on a slice of the well-received rendition of Dress You Up, but the hits kept coming and the crowd Vogued on…though some were inadvertently poked in the eye! 😮

I really dug how this combo was able to pinpoint where the heavy had to land in these quintessentially pop songs. Whether you’re a metal fan that grew up with these well-ingrained tunes or a Madonnaphile who can’t get enough, definitely check them out!!

Thank you all for the delayed-reaction #Bangover that hit me this morning! The next time I go out, Mercury will be out of retrograde, so there will be some new technology in my world, to help me make things easier, prettier and more seamless around my little web presence here. Stay tuned for a continually growing and keep supporting local music… I know I will!!


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