RECAP: 11/8-11/11

You can take the girl outta the Northwest, but you’ll never take her out of her flannel.

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I’ve been in LA for nearly 20 years, but every autumn, my nostalgia for the auld sod looms large.  Perhaps it’s the lack of the drizzly-hood-inducing-wool-coat-wearing-dress-in-layers month, that my body expects November to be. My musical tastes switch back to what I dug back in high school, middle school – anything that *tuned* me into what I am now. I pour myself some Market Spice and pretend a sweater is a good idea. I should have picked up the caffeinated version of my favorite tea, because I dozed off shortly thereafter.  I dreamed that Jimi Hendrix (my mom’s friend from high school) introduced me to Chris Cornell. “This guy’s as Bold as Love, man, shake his hand,” he said. I woke up startled and dove under the bed, where I dug into my cassette collection… yes. I still have them. Shut up. Get off my lawn.

Axis: Bold as Love and Badmotorfinger.  They were right on top. Like they were waiting for me. After saturating my cells in those sonic wonders, for a couple days (and acquiring them digitally, for use outside the living room), I took myself to Hollywood Forever Cemetery, to finally pay my respects to someone who has been an inspiration for so much of my life. I don’t know why it took me this long, but I’m glad I finally got there.

Chris Cornell, 1964-2017

On Friday night, Love Weapon kept the rock rollin’, all night with more favorite covers than you could shake a stick at… many of which kept the week’s Seattle flavor fresh on my palate. Or maybe that was the salmon I had for dinner…

That’s right, Jimi followed me there…

At any rate, one of my favorite things about Love Weapon is the guest players.  I’m incredibly happy to know so many mad talented people – and seeing so many of them sharing one stage, in one night?  Bring it!!


Love Weapon, with Adriana Torres, Jack Glazer and Jake Long, Danny Hechter, l to r.

These guys will be at Maui Sugar Mill Saloon, on the 2nd Friday of every month.  It’s always a great time, with great tunes and great people.  Check it out!!

Friday was gone, but the hometown vibe wasn’t over yet!! Saturday afternoon, we strode over to The Nuart Theatre to see someone else from my past.

Long before Disney picked him up and shared him with the world, Bill Nye brought science to Seattleites, late Saturday nights on a comedy sketch show, called “Almost Live!”, which came on before SNL. This was not a kid’s show, but still, he managed to inspire many youthful minds to prank their parents or wow their friends with his scientific hilarity.,

The Bill Nye film is also not a kid’s show. It’s an important, fact-packed piece of the climate change puzzle, while also addressing many more of the world’s issues, in a holistic manner.  We were lucky enough to book one of the showings with a live Q & A afterward, with the man himself. I even sat next to a producer who worked on Music Magic, another local show I loved as a kid! BILL NYE: Science Guy is in theatres now.  SEE IT!! …and enjoy.

So, now that November has crept even closer to my flavorite holiday (Don’t even think about it, Christmas. You’ve gotta wait for Winter to land. This is Thanksgiving season, consarnit!!), I’m gonna try to find some cute (albeit lightweight) sweaters and hit some more shows. I need to build up my cool-ish-season soundtrack, right?!

Keep clam,


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