RECAP: 2018

Really?  Am I expected to believe that was twelve whole months that just passed??  Of course, events that transpired as recently as June already seem like part of ancient history.  But this year has been an eye-opening, ear-ringing, insanity-filled stinker that I can’t wait to leave on the south side of time.  

Yes, just like every year, there were moments of shock and agony I wish had never happened.  People passed, anger loomed large, fear was mongered and voices were silenced. But new ideas were born, music was made, hearts were empowered and lessons were learned. So many beautiful moments were digested and processed for next year’s use.

You may have noticed a sudden dearth of writeups and recaps from me, which began in late Spring.  That was a difficult moment for this Kitty. I needed to take a new day job to cover the bills, just when Catylytica was beginning to really show some promise and take shape.  I made sure I still had time for my nutrition coaching business and my music-related endeavors, though schedules and finances kept me from seeing as many shows as I’d like.

While I continue to pay attention to shows around town and post them on the auld Facebook, and try to get photos up on the Insta from the few gigs I actually get to see, I’ve had far less time for social media and writing about who I’ve seen.  At first, this thoroughly pained me. If I don’t get a full body metal deluge at least once a week, my cells become confused and I start getting wrinkles!! Metal IS the fountain of youth, btw.

However, during this stretch, I was fortunate enough to join two bands and see an older music project get re-invigorated!  I’ve re-dedicated myself to the violin, created an effective vocal re-hearsal practice that keeps me ready for any genre and (thanks to the new day job) re-discovered Pilates as a fun and effective way to help me stay fit and strong. Re-, re-, re-!  This was a year filled with RE-trograde planets, looking back and re-examination. Now, I’m ready to take this education to the next level, in the new year.

I recently heard someone decide to eschew New Year’s Resolutions for New Year’s INTENTIONS.  It just makes more sense to me, too.

In 2019, I INTEND to become a time management maven in order to make my other INTENTIONS possible!!

I INTEND to correct my bad habits on the violin in order to expand my playing ability.

I INTEND to spend WAAAAY less on wine in order to free up funds for more sustainable things.

I INTEND to start my day earlier and schedule specific times for each of my projects.

I INTEND to stick to a workout plan that has proven to keep me strong and healthy.


I INTEND to take my own advice when it comes to nutrition and wellness.  It works, consarnit!!

Now, I’ll leave you with wishes of prosperity, joy, growth and METAL in 2019!!  Don’t Stop Rockin’!!

Happy New Year,


Dec. 28, 2018

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