RECAP: April 2018

April began with my Hunny and me in Joshua Tree, revisiting a 30-year camping tradition with about 30 of our longtime friends.  The Libra Full Moon kept me wide awake throughout both nights, singing with the owls.  After an extremely busy March, this trip was incredibly necessary and beneficial in helping me define my immediate goals.

While I’d been making some strides in organizing my music life, my focus felt like it was split in too many different directions.  What am I writing?  Am I performing?  What am I avoiding?  I needed to get quiet and find clarity.

After spending time in a large rock, out of the scorching sun, I was able to get some answers. I’ve spent much of my life distracting myself whenever faced with challenging work, unpleasant situations or anything that took me out of my comfort zone.  If I want to make any progress, I have to identify these distractions before they get in the way.

Once we returned to The Big Smoke, I got focused.  Song lists, daily vocal workouts and more steep hikes for building my cardiovascular capacity.  These activities, among others, have helped put me back in “ready mode”, and not a minute too soon!!

Of course, my love for our local scene is NOT a distraction, but an enriching source of endless inspiration!  The first week of the month took me to The Whisky and The Hotel Cafe, for two very different, yet wildly kickass nights.  At The Whisky’s Ultimate Jam Night, the crowd was treated to Void Vator’s rockin’ roar to open the night, followed by the usual parade of epic talents, regaling us with songs of Heaven and Hell.  At the end of the night, when I was asked if I was there to sing I was surprised, flattered and stoked that I’d already begun preparing for that possibility.  In fact, while defining my goals in the desert, I’d put that very thing on my list.

That Friday morning, on one of those strenuous hikes, my allergies shot me with a reminder that Spring had sprung and had taken up residence in my sinuses.  I started to feel pretty crappy, but Furiosa and Fire the Animal came together at The Hotel Cafe for a thumping night of original mastery and Furiosa frontman Jonah Nimoy’s birthday. So, of course, I was there!

The next week, what I’d taken for an allergy attack had migrated into sinus infection, keeping me home, but still laser focused.  Song lists, gentle vocal workouts, plenty of hot toddies and even more naps filled my time. By Saturday, I was healthy so it was time to rock again!  Just in time for the Wacken battle of the bands at The Viper Room!  Of course, I was there rooting for my buddies in Void Vator, but I also enjoyed the feeling of being prepared for whatever transpired. And not only did The Vatos tie for first place that night, but I also met someone I’d admired for a long time… more on this later!

The following day, I got another chance to “show up”.  I got the call to fill in for a casino gig the following weekend, which by Tuesday had become 2 gigs that Saturday, with The Hit Collective!!  I had to double down and learn/re-learn 7 of the songs, and now have even more options on my list!  After all that driving and song study, I treated myself to Sunday afternoon at the Rainbow Bar & Grill’s parking lot party, where I took in Sergio Michel, Holy Grail, Rhino Bucket and Rough Cutt before my energy ran out and I took myself back to my couch and my Hunny.

The last night out of this eventful month was yet another Wacken battle, where Voices of Ruin won the night, (Void Vator came in a rediculously-close second place) and all the bands gave their all, making for an absolutely killer show.  Saturday ended with me promising to send a list of songs to jam on to the rock legend I’d met a fortnight prior!!  Obviously, I don’t wanna jinx anything so I’ll leave it at that.  But when there’s news to share, you’ll hear it here first!!

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