RECAP: Aug 6-12

This was a different kind of #RockWeek, where I kept it pretty low key. The Boyfriend and I started a new health regime so I’m off the drink for a few weeks. A few extra nights at home were kinda needed to make the necessary adjustments!

But, alas, I had to make it out to celebrate the beginning of vocalist, Dusty Bo’s 3rd decade! Aug 5th found me having one last beer at The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon and watching Love Weapon sling celebratory tunes from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, bringing the heat into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

We got to hear and see even more Leos roar, with songs from Atara Glazer (August 12th) and Jake Long (August 7th), plus offstage antics from Brandon Baumann (July 27th)!

Saturday, I took a long drive to the East side for Metal Assault‘s second Metal Matinee at The Silverlake Lounge.  Four heavy bands, from 5-9 pm, and I was home early enough to go out again… I didn’t, but I coulda!! Anyway, after finding an absolutely perfect parking spot, I landed in the Lounge just in time.

Ventura’s Brilliant Machine began the night with irreverent rhythmic interplay and soulfully wailing guitar.  This power trio brought the dark and heavy, like lead clouds from the coast.  Suddenly the heat of summer in Silverlake was eclipsed by sounds that conjured an ever-drizzly, evergreen mood that would carry us, brilliantly, through the evening.


Next, San Francisco’s Disastroid kept pushing, with a deeply dug, bass-driven drone that guided the longingly pleading guitar and vocals from darkness into psychedelic whimsy, while never abandoning the razor’s edge. Once again, the delicious mood persisted… I brought it home with me, in the form of their CD, MISSILES. The marine layer is firmly parked over my living room. Perfection. You can get your own personal copy here.



The third act featured the Sci-Fi-nightmare Show, brought to you by Morbid Eclipse!! The stage presentation alone has to be seen! Intense strobes, smoke and mystery wove through the cast of characters presented to us. A spaceman, a priestess and the victim of a possible brainwashing were featured prominently. Musically, there was a killer, familiar thrash vibe, especially on lead guitar. I would’ve liked more treble on the vocals, to better understand the stories being told, and maybe a bigger stage, to fully appreciate the full production, but they’ve certainly got my attention now! Broadway bound??

Finally, the headlining act, LA’s own, Void Vator flew in from a recent Vegas gig, firing on all cylinders! Power and energy screamed forth from the first note. I could’ve used a bit more volume on Lucas’ mic, but the thrill still caught me!! In case you haven’t noticed, I really dig these guys. Their CD has joined an illustrious group of those which are in constant rotation in my world; an integral part of my summer soundtrack. And, with the recent addition of one of my favorite local bass slayers, Sam Harman, they’re truly bringing the thunder. They even closed the set with a spot-on rendition of The Trooper that melted my face, leaving a mere puddle on the sidewalk. #shredaddict

If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Void Vator live, The Time Has Come!! They’ll be back at The Viper Room on Sept. 2nd, with Madonnica, MetalABBA and Schwarzenator. This sounds like it’s gonna be a kickass party, and I highly advise picking up their CD, DEHUMANIZED. You cannot go wrong. You’ll be prepared for the uniquely energetic and weighty songs that will stick with you long after the show… when you’ll wanna listen again… you see what I mean.


And if the great evening of auditory transmutation wasn’t enough, I chased the sunset home and made it back to the Westside in less than 20 minutes! #timingiseverything #thanksAndrew #greatidea #greatshow

Check out the Upcoming Shows page for what I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears on, and if there are any shows I should know about, let me know in the comments below!

Keep Rockin’-




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  1. Nice write-up n the Metal Assault show. All four bands were outstanding.

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