RECAP: Dec. 2

Another sweet Metal Assault/Church of the 8th Day collaboration – along with The Elegy Ensemble – convinced me to head downtown to The 5 Star Bar! Four kickass bands, two of which are fronted by women; count me in!!

The night began with Call of the Wild, fronted by Rachel Enyeart (also of Motorbäbe, Chica Diabla), bringing the power from moment one. She slayed us on bass, slammed us with the vocals and led with strength and command.  They really woke the room up and brought the crowd to attention.  Call of the Wild has been stirring it up for the last few months and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.  This is a solid act, bringing the wrath and the fire! I want MORE!!!

Call of the Wild

Next, the band Big Pig (feat. members of Fatso Jetson) gave us a groovy grind spiked with sick shreds and vocals from both guitarist (Dino von Lalli) and drummer (Benny Macias).  The Power Duo has been an exciting, and refreshing theme I’ve noticed more and more around the rock world, of late. It reinforces the fact that if you put two good heads together, you can build a wall of sound that can compete with the biggest of bands.  These guys prove it!! I’d noticed them on Metal Assault marquis in the past, and am glad to have caught them on this night!

Big Pig

This time of year, I tend to get nostalgic for my hometown of Seattle.  So, when I began to hear whispers of “this guy…Chris Cornell” and “reminds me of Soundgarden”, I paid attention.  The Rare Breed brought even more of my kind of groovy grit and and haunting melody.  I NEED more of these guys in my ear!!  Sharply focused lead vocals (from Oscar De la Torre}, driven into deep, gritty, bass-driven psychedelia at its best. Check em out here, for more!!

The Rare Breed

The headliners, Castle, were finishing their Stone Thrones Tour at The 5 Star. I’d seen them once before and was hugely impressed with this melodic, doom vibe – Saturday was no different… well, it was a bit different. THIS tine, I picked up their 2011 cd, “In Witch Order”. Glad I did.  Elizabeth Blackwell wielded the bass like a spear and her voice shot through the steely din, like a laser.

Women and metal. It only makes sense.



So much heavy, such a great night!!


I’d also like to ask you to check out Poets X and hear a killer act I got to work with recently!!  Buy the downloads to help the band get back into the studio to make more music! Read the story behind the band, enjoy the three songs, back up your devices (Mercury is in retrograde til the 22nd!!) and have a rockin’ week!!

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