RECAP: Jan 24

I guess this story begins early last year, when I first saw Within Sight, at The Viper Room. I was instantly drawn to their clever rhythms, delicious vocal interplay, sick harmonies and their triple-guitar attack.  I’d been anxiously awaiting their return to LA, as they tour with their wildly addictive album, From the Heart.

I kept in touch with the guys, and when they were looking for bands to share their stage at The Silverlake Lounge, I offered my picks.

On Christmas Eve, I found out that one of my recommended bands had made the cut! We Are Wasted, out of Santa Clarita rounded out a roster of five uniquely talented acts.

Altered Revelations

The night began with Altered Revelations – a trio of multi-instrumentalists whose progressive, orchestral arrangements I found intriguing, haunting and exciting in their intensity. Check out their album, The Architect. I’d pair it with headphones, a fireplace and the darkest recesses of your imagination… maybe a glass of petit sirah, too.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention brought a sound reminiscent so many of my favorite heavies; Maiden, Queensryche, Holy Grail, Aerosmith, Dio… like, a feast of power vocals, power chords and windmill-inducing arpeggios! This is the soundtrack for the weekend warrior. Saturday can’t come soon enough… so play hooky and listen now!!


Within Sight

Next, Within Sight took the stage with force and gusto. This gig was the turn-around point on their 10-day West Coast tour. Their freshly tricked-out van and trailer combo brought them to this southernmost destination in style and way more comfort than their last tour.  Check it out here! They brought the shred and scream I love, plus a few new songs, slated for their next release. These songs are showing their growth as a unit, which is highly important, considering the changes they’ve experienced over the last year, bringing in a new sweet shredder, Alec, all the way from Las Vegas. Pick up From the Heart, find a reason for a road trip and listen on repeat! I can’t wait for the next album, the next tour and the next chapter for these great guys from the Great Northwest!!

A Nuclear Dream

A Nuclear Dream brought a crunchy, doom vibe, complete with some psychedelically textured guitar meanderings that loaded the sound with dark whimsy and motor oil. They’ve got a badass, gritty drive with some midnight bluesy flavor that felt like Glen Danzig and Layne Stayley in a beautiful blender. Check them out, paired with rain, a shot of Jack and a Rainier Beer.

We Are Wasted

Finally, We Are Wasted brought their dry-hopped, herb-scented brand of party rock to the stage. These guys have been honing their act for years, with loads of brewery gigs, close to home in Santa Clarita. They headlined at the Pull the Plug Radio 1st Anniversary show, at 5 Star Bar and handled several unexpected occurrences with professional grace, just last month.  They brought the same level of workmanship along with their usual cheeky rage to Silverlake last night and kept the party going with an extra long set of originals and covers tailored to their thrashworthy theme.  Check out their album, Throw it Up, paired with your favorite craft beer, blunts and munchies slathered in gobs of cannibutter!!

Video of each act coming soon!! Until then, ROCK ON!!



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