RECAP: Jul. 31-Aug. 6

Last #RockWeek was light on nights out, but heavy on killer tunes. We had one more #MorphineMonday, with Nervous Rx, at Harvelle’s and at The Viper Room, Derek Day kicked off his US tour with a high-energy, set that felt channeled from beyond.

Jeff Salter and the guys from Nervous Rx launched themselves into creating a sensuous night of tunes that swerved and curved all over the road.  There were giveaways, guest artists, the room was PACKED and the sultry time was all documented on video.  I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my Monday nights now, but will certainly be keeping an eye out for more Nervous Rx, and posting their upcoming gigs right here!!

And then, there was Wednesday, at The Viper Room, for Derek Day’s tour kickoff!! The first time I saw this artist, was on the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica.  I was on a break from work, when my ear was pulled in by a soulful rendition of Sweet Child O Mine. I was transfixed.  The music poured from his every pore as the crowd gathered… I think I was late getting back to work…

That intensity is what keeps me coming back to support Derek as his career continues to grow. He’s been killin’ it often, with the #UltimateJamNight #JamFam at The Whisky, rocking El Cid, collaborating with the incomparable Debby Holiday and now, he’s out on the road, with The Nuge!! Find him on Facebook, the full schedule is available there.

Both of this week’s videos were too big to upload here, but they will be on fb today.

I’m still sorting this all out.  I’m getting some new equipment to make this all a bit easier, so don’t despair, these will get much better very soon!!

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