RECAP: July 24-29

This year, you may have gotten used to my incessant Facebook posts about the shows I’ve seen.  Seeing live shows energizes me, lets me support work I care about and gives me inspiration for my own musical projects. It feels so important to me, I’ve decided to create a new site, all about the music in my life.



is the new home for recaps of the shows I see, and also where I’ll post info for upcoming shows in the LA area, interviews with local rockers, my own musical endeavours and much more!

This final #RockWeek of July kicks it off!


July 24th, was another deliciously sexy #MorphineMonday at #Harvelle’s, with #NervousRx!! That otherworldy, moody room is the perfect setting for the sonorous swing of #Morphine’s music, and the guys from #NervousRx recreate an unflinchingly awesome tribute every time. This week was no exception. Highlighting the night for me, was a sparse, scaled-down rendition of #Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” that sang to my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This deeply jazzy combo has ONE MORE show in this month-long residency and I highly recommend going west to kick off your week.  July 31st is the final night of this series, and the guys will welcome some special guests – I’ll be joining them again, too!


Wednesday, July 26th took me to #SkinnysLounge in North Hollywood, for #VoidVator’s album release show! The night began with the heavy roar of #SilentScream, which was, of course, anything but silent!!  These guys brought thundering rhythms, rich and screamy vocals, like a freight train getting us primed for more metal!!


Next, the lads of #VoidVator took the stage and reminded us why we should all pick up their fresh, hot ep, asap!!  Racing beats, tight harmonies, ripping riffs, quick-shifting rhythms- there’s something simultaneously familiar and deliciously refreshing in the quality of their sound that makes every song feel like an old favorite, from the first listen.  This has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve seen them twice this month, but it makes me wanna see them as often as possible! Get the cd, you’ll be glad you did!! 🙂


Saturday, July 29th has been marked on my calendar for months, with a giant, red M. In recent weeks, many of my friends’ bands have been popping up in my Facebook feed, with events on that same day. Though I have been known to make it to multiple gigs in one night, I have to send my apologies to them, because as much as I love my #locavore playlist, there are some national acts that will have my loyalty for life, and METALLICA is one of those.

Inching from the 110 to The Rose Bowl, on a 90 degree afternoon is nobody’s cup of tea, I’m sure. If I hadn’t had so much to do that day, I would’ve talked The Boyfriend into heading to Pasadena at sun up. At the moment Gojira hit the stage, we hit the 1.5-miles-to-go mark (pictured above).  I figured we’d get to see some of their set as we found our way to the floor, where we had the pleasure of standing (My calf muscles just scoffed at the word “pleasure”. #ShortGirlProblems). Unfortunately, this was not to be.  That last mile-and-a-half took nearly TWO-and-a-HALF HOURS to traverse, before arriving in the sea of humanity that was Lot #4. We made our way to the stadium, accompanied by the happy masses of metal fans, wending past tailgate parties where the soundtracks blended together to create a retrospective of Metallica tunes over the years and Through The Never.

We ran into a few friends as we made our way into the Bowl and got to our post just in time to see those ‘tastic ‘tallica guys take the stage.  This was only my second time seeing them live, and I wish it was still going on (as I write this the following morning).  These guys don’t just “still have it,” they are IT.  James, wielded his powerful voice skillfully over the crowd, roaring, cajoling and steering us through the set. Kirk’s effortless shredding has always been an inspiration to me, and last night was no different.  I even found myself air-violin-ing along to some of those iconic solos as he cast his spell over Pasadena. Rob, the thunder, brought the heavy and kept it raging.  I usually don’t love the big screens at shows, preferring to see the artists themselves, but this #ShortGirl was glad to experience the raw power of his stage presence, writ large!! Lars kept the forces moving, full speed ahead, without fail and ALMOST kept his mouth shut. (*ha!*)  In all, there were some songs I thought we’d hear for sure, that were missing from the set, but I’m still thrilled for what we got to see, hear and feel! Never a dull moment.  


And I can’t forget about the elephant in the Bowl. The Crowd. Metallica fans are amazing.  I’ve been to big shows and small shows where the crowd makes the night a living hell.  Being foist into a mass of humans that large could easily cause some to act out, like one rabble rouser who tried to cause a stink about wristbands.  But, he was the only one I witnessed, and the cooler heads around him quickly eclipsed his wannabe rage.  Crowded, yes. But the overall vibe was incredibly high.  What was the most important thing? We were there to ‘tallica. And Nothing Else Matters… sorry, I had to.


  1. So awesome to know what you do now Cat. I can’t wait till I get popular enough for you to interview me and I can explain to the masses what it is I do. I let the bands create their own brand of beer.

    1. Author

      And I love what you do!! Great music and great libations go together hand in hand!! Keep it up!!

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