RECAP: Last of the Summer Sounds…

As September rolled in, life got even more busy.  Between new duties at work, new music to learn, a huge step in my nutrition business… it’s been a pretty intense month.  Thankfully, I got out to see a few great shows!

The 7th found me back at The Viper Room, for KrashKarma and Yachtley Crew.  This combination of acts seems strange at first, but placing intense, hard driving, catchy hard rock next to the dulcet tones of Yachtley’s spot-on renditions of the soundtrack of my youth was a sonic treat that covered all the tuning my soul needed.



Horrible shot of Yachtley Crew

When the next phase of intensity had passed, I made sure to get some full-blast metal medicine, courtesy of Malone’s Concert Venue in Santa Ana.  On the night of the 22nd, The House of Metal rang out loud with Ravenscroft, Doctors of Earth, Motor Gun Hotel, War Within, Kvltnblack and Void Vator.  I usually wouldn’t make such a long trek, but I really needed this night out!! Seeing my friends slay a slew of new tunes, finding new bands to follow, unexpectedly running into another great Friend of Local Rock – it was certainly worth the drive!

                                                 Doctors of Earth                                                          Ravenscroft

                                                                                                Void Vator

Thanks to a cancelled camping trip, I finally got to check out Orange Mayfield, at The Venice Beach Bar.  They shared the bill with Detlene and Raised on TV, bringing a high energy night of well-crafted rock, with a generous side of seaspray.

Orange Mayfield

September slipped away on a festive note, in a Burbank back yard where Urban Yeti recording artists Receiver, Indigo Child and Yeghikian regaled the yard filled with BBQ-noshing friends, fam and fans.  It was a beautiful finish to a glorious Sunday and an extremely eventful month!

Now, my focus shifts back to the grindstone – learning new music for a possible new project, launching a new nutrition program, growing my position at the day job along with creating a new fitness plan for myself… yeah, Rocktober is gonna be busy, but it’s definitely gonna ROCK.  I’ll see you in the crowd.


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