RECAP: Nov 1-5

I slipped back into Harvelle’s on Thursday night, to see The Groove: a trio, featuring Janna Brunner (Motorbäbe), Mark Sepulveda and Phil Salvail. The Groove is right! Massaging their bluesy, grinding originals in with similarly warm, groovy covers – they’re right in the pocket. Janna’s rich vocals cut through the room, from behind the drums. Mark’s intricate riffs and Phil’s structured bass and vocals all ring out… I’ve been listening to the EP, “Rise and Shine”, in the kitchen all weekend!! GET IT!!!

Saturday night took me to The Burgundy Room in Hollywood for Furiosa‘s long awaited album release party, for “Look, Don’t Listen”. The listening party was perfectly paired with Jonah Nimoy’s *Boredom Sketches* art opening. Members of Furiosa’s most recent lineup were on site and it was such a pleasure to finally meet KT Harms face to face.  This bass slayer is just 17!!  She’s sure to go far!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I LOVE this CD.  It is now available for your dancin’ pleasure.  GET IT!!!

Also, the art will be available for viewing in this space, for the rest of the month. So get over there and check out some of the creepy-coolest pen & inking this side of Hades!!

This week, I’m working on some new ideas for the site. You’ll be seeing lots of changes in the coming months, and I couldn’t be more excited!  Of course, I’ll rock out and share what I love each week.

Until next time,

Rock on!!

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