RECAP: Nov. 18

This was a weekend of mixed emotion – we’d just lost Malcom Young and the music community was still in shock.  David Cassidy’s condition has been declining and I just found out Della Reese passed away as well.

But, so did Charles Manson…

My plans for the beginning of the week were dashed by my own poor planning and someone else’s head cold, but Saturday night was downright perfect, thanks to my slightly better planning and a stellar show at The Hi Hat!!

Opening the night was Void Vator, one of my favorite bands in LA. You’ve seen me raving about them before, and this time is no different. This act is tighter than ever and creating even more new tunes to love. In fact, more than half their set was new (Toxic Waste, Stranded, Dark Clouds and Nothing to Lose) – and just as thrilling as the rest.  Too often, the opening act has to play to the bar staff and a few loyal fans, but placing these guys at the head of the list brought a robust crowd that stuck around all night!! Very nice move, Church of the 8th Day/Urban Yeti! In the mean time, pick up their album, “Dehumanized” and a t-shirt before the current design sells out!!


Void Vator

The next set gave us the mysterious vibe of Here Lies Man that filled the stage with rhythmic wonder and a sweet throwback groove. I would’ve chosen a more upbeat number to start the set, but after a few songs, I got their drift and enjoyed the ride. They’re off to Europe next year, so pick up “Animal Noises”, their new album (YES! Vinyl!!), NOW.


Here Lies Man

War Cloud, out of Oakland, had been on my “want to see” list for a while, and I’m glad I did! Despite losing his voice in San Diego, Alex Wein brought the heavy without flinching. Great showmanship, guitar interplay and a sweet psychedelic drive from the whole unit made me bring home the CD – you should, too!!

War Cloud

Finally, Yeghikian – another big fave of mine – brought their sexy-signature-sultry-grinding-hard rock, from their new CD, “Greatest Hits”, along with several new tracks that I can’t wait to hear again! The guys also raffled off a gorgeous LTD flying V guitar to one lucky-left-handed-fan… NOT me, mind you… *grrrr*… However, I highly recommend checking them out live AND picking up the album in one of their merch bundles.  You will NOT be disappointed!!


Lucky the Leftie with his new axe

Now, Thanksgiving is on the horizon and Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrive! I’ll be off next week, but keep watching the Facebook page for updates and upcoming shows.  Happy Tryptophaning!!


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