RECAP: Oct. 10

Tuesday at the Viper Room lent another dark night… of the soul! Black, doom-packed metal, with screamy vocals and weighty melodies – all night long! The night began with Ancestral Awakening’s full-throated angst and racing rage, and a moodiness that set the stage for the rest of the metal strum und drang.


Ancestral Awakening


Witch Casket


Luna Occulta (Last-minute replacement act!!)

I must admit, as much as I love the heavy, I’ve never been too devoted to this leg of the genre.  But, after hearing these four bands, with such masterful instrumentality, solidly orchestrated numbers and a helluva lotta power, I’m even more curious.  Because I’m still getting familiar with the finer points of the black metal sound, I can’t offer too differing descriptions of each act. As a singer myself, the screaming vocals can initially feel a little bit too “muchy”, but as I continued to listen, my ear adapted and was better able to digest the full #MetalAssault… yes, pun totally intended!



The show was also the CD Release event for Sicarius’ album, Serenade Of Slitting Throats, which I’ve been studying all week. Let’s start with the cover art. A priestess stands high above a crowd of much smaller, robed figures with swords held high. She appears to be impaling both sides of her neck, with her own pair of daggers. The entire scene is illuminated by an earthen hole which lets the sun into this underworld arena, littered with the skulls of the fallen. This powerful image conjures memories of Brugel The Elder’s rendition of The Suicide of Saul, contained in his Tower of Babel with an echo of Rembrandt’s Lucretia.  There’s so much tension, passion and pain in the image, which is reflected in the poetic dread painted in this album’s lyrics.


This night was the perfect astrological pairing for Jupiter’s entry into the sign of Scorpio, which happened earlier that day. Scorpio is all about the tough stuff – the stuff you don’t discuss in mixed company; Death, Money, Sex, Taxes, Inheritances, Psychology and the Seamy Side of Life. Y’know, the biggies.  When Jupiter (the biggest planet out there) enters a sign, the aspects of that sign are amplified and expanded, much like my newfound desire to dive deeper into the blackest edges of the Metal world… and my desire to crank it up to 11!! #yeahiloveastrologygetoverit

This week, I’m writing from the road, and am at the mercy of what-I-can-get internet access, so the videos aren’t available this time around. But stay tuned for the RECAP from  10/14-21. ‘Sgonna be a sweet week!!

Until next time,


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