RECAP: Oct 25

Wednesday was a special kind of day. Game Two of the World Series had Dodger fans on the edge of their seats, the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market held their annual Pumpkin Grab and Metal Assault brought an amazing show to The Viper Room, for Andrew Bansal’s Birthday!!

I always dig the shows Andrew puts together. My favorite local acts, plus fun new discoveries – every time. This time was no different! I handled the merch tables so Andrew could enjoy the night – hence the distant photography 🙂

The night opened with the duo, Tzimani, from San Diego.  These guys brought the noise of a 4-piece with their gritty, grinding groove and the coolest t-shirt alternative I’ve ever seen! And it’s a purrfect fit!! I’d heard them before, but this was my first time seeing them live. It will NOT be the last!

Next, from London, we were treated to the tight, sharp energy of Joanovarc – another new favorite!  Huge harmonies, glorious guitar and the smiling-est drummer I’ve ever seen! Like their song says, they “Live Rock N Roll” to the fullest, and I love it!! These ladies ROCK.

Edge of Paradise‘s ethereal shred came third, with a melodic metal sledgehammer. I’ve seen them once before, and was intrigued – now I’m a certified fan! Margarita’s vocals felt really focused and strong, while the musical precision thundered on. SUCH a well-textured combination!


Huntress killed in the headlining slot, closing out the night. They played a shorter set, due to Jill’s fever. Did I mention it was 102 degrees that day? Well, so was she!! But, alas, the performance was even hotter!  This band ALWAYS brings the power, and Wednesday was no different.


Where will I be this week? We’ll see what rocks!!


  1. Awesome review of an incredible night. Thanks for the pics and videos!

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