When I set up my calendar each month, I try to get as many shows in as possible.  And then, life starts changing the schedule…

This month quickly became more about catching up on bills than catching a bunch of gigs, but at least that kept me home, practicing for shows with the band I recently joined, Run For Cover – LA (R4C)!!  I’m excited to be working with these wildly talented folks, bringing all the hits to some of my long-time favorite Westside haunts!

Of course, all work and no rock makes this kitty go crazy, so I made sure to get in a few important shows.  At long last, on 10/5, Metal Assault brought us No Legacy Fest – an exciting night of metal that had been moved, delayed and moved again since it’s originally scheduled date, earlier this spring.  But, despite subsequent changes in band lineups and conflicting schedules a great night was had by all. Pick up No Legacy Records’ vinyl-only release, featuring the original nine artists chosen for this project HERE.

The next night, I played my first show with R4C, after working that morning on 3 hours sleep… Yeah, no rest for this kitty. But, I made it work and am stoked to say that each show has gotten more and more comfortable!

On 10/13, I grabbed a friend and set out for the long drive to Glen Helen Amphitheater to see System of A Down and Incubus.  Both of these bands had been on the outskirts of my awareness for years and I had some high school friends coming to town to take in the show, so I figured I’d take advantage of some spare tickets and make a day of it.  This was SUCH a great day.  The skies finally opened up, coating Southern California with a much-needed layer of gentle, saturating rain.  The crowds filtered in in waves, over the course of the afternoon, culminating in an earth-quaking mass of humanity, thicker than the fog that rolled in and out of the space.

Every band’s set was longer than the last and by the time we’d heard about 10 songs from SoAD, our legs were giving out along with our patience for nearby moshers.  The next day, I was surprised to NOT hear about the saturated hillside sliding into the stage and filling the amphitheater! It was an epic event, not to be forgotten!!

Since then, I’ve missed several killer bands I wanted to witness, so when Metal Assault’s Andrew Bansal’s birthday rolled around, I was beyond ready to take in a musical feast.  On 10/25 the 5 Star Bar was transformed into a dual-hall of metal. A revolving schedule of 9 local acts took to both stages, filling downtown with some of the heaviest howling rock you can find.  Not only was this a kickass show, filled with friends and fans for Andrew’s big day, but it was also for another noble cause.  After Jill Janus’ untimely death, this summer, he decided to dedicate his birthday show to her memory, donating all proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. A veritable buffet of wildly exciting talent and heart.

The rest of the month kept me rehearsing, working out and planning for the next phase of my nutrition business.  You can learn more about the other ways I’m working to keep Rock n Roll alive and well HERE.

Now that we’re well past November, I’ve played my third gig with R4C, started yet another new musical venture, increased my hours at the day job and can’t wait to be rocked at for yet another month.  Stay tuned, it’s sure to be WILD.

Rock on,


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