RECAP: Sept 23rd

Not every #rockweek is simply sonic.  I rock in the kitchen daily (cooking AND singing!), I love to see a surfer rock a wave… while I sit safely on the sand… or a rock! But this weekend, before drinking in musical manifestations, I had to check out what Jonah Nimoy was doing in his downtime.  I first met Jonah a few years ago as the frontman for Legal Tender, a band I listen to almost daily.  After his time with them, he started another kickass project of his own, Furiosa… again, another essential part of my healthy musical diet.  He recently returned from touring with The Offspring, too – but I simply cannot *keep ‘em separated* because this Saturday, his Boredom Sketches came to my side of town, in an exhibit entitled 4×4. Four artists, four mediums.

The artists, Matt Hanover (paint), Hanna Yamamoto (photo), Boogie Black (film), and Jonah Nimoy (ink) filled The Hängar with works I would LOVE to have in my home.  The space was quite inviting; like rooms of a house, separated into lightly themed environs.  The only things that periodically took me out of this enveloping experience was the fact that the building used to be my favorite natural foods store (Wild Oats!), stumbling upon a pair of friends/former clients who were there to see Matt Hanover‘s work, having a lovely catch-up chat with the mad talented Nancy Nimoy and seeing my friend and fellow #rockchick, Atara Glazer who was also there before a rock show… where she would be singing…  with The Bullet Boys!  I wish I’d known!!!  No worries, she’ll be featured here at some point, and I’m sure you’re gonna dig her as much as I do!!

I made several turns around the space, to catch visuals I may have missed the last time around, and was wowed each time.  Film as a stationary artistic tool has a brightness and candy coated flavor that refuses to be ignored.  Each screen lit up its wall with lively colors juxtaposed against the inky darkness of frame.  The photos in exhibit were transportive.  They took me back to the Great Northwest, where my every breath of oxygen came courtesy of the towering pines, who played starring roles in these shots.  The vibrantly textured painted works all seemed relentlessly familiar – one even reminded me of a favorite (flavorite?) bottle of Ugni Blanc whose name I still can’t recall, but upon seeing it, a former coworker of mine immediately thought of the same bottle. Of course, Jonah’s Boredom Sketches stood out in the best way.  They resembled no other work in the show, but fit in perfectly.  Inspired by superheroes, horror films, music (of course), politics and, well, boredom, these illustrations evoke nostalgic emotion, understated humor and imagination that anyone can connect with.  And I highly suggest you do so in person!  This is the first *show* I’ve written about here that will continue after my departure, so get to the westside and check it out here!!



After my first stop, I went home to change my shoes and grab a Rev3, so I could get to El Cid for Derek Day’s triumphant return to LA, after his tour with Ted Nugent. Every time I see Derek’s band, I feel like I’ve seen future echoes of virtuosos past.  Every note, every tonal shift, each and every breath gathered contains the heart and soul of rock n’ roll. It bleeds from his steps across the stage (by which I really mean LEAPS), it shoots from every drumroll and boils from each bass line.  I wish I could teleport everyone to the moment when they plunged into an abstracted, visionary version of “Benny and the Jets” or the get-outta-your-head-and-into-my-soul-ness of “Face Me”, which Derek penned with Debby Holiday – another LA fave you’ll hear more about soon!  This is a well-oiled machine, destined to go SO far.

I WAS gonna apologize for getting this out “late”, but that also made me remember that I can make this project WHATEVER (and thereby whenever) I want to make it.  And, what I want to make is a fun brand that gives my people what they want! So, this week’s call to action is a simple query; What do YOU want to see here?  A weekly, or monthly recap of shows?  An up to date list of local gigs I recommend?  Video?  Photos?  A more focused theme?  More about what keeps this train a’ rollin’? More or less of my rambling bloggery?  Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time, Rock On!!


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